Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Week 6 Race Course

Here's the track for Week 6!
We will start off counter clockwise by going up and over the bridge to turn left onto Hot Lap. Follow Hot Lap all the way to climb up Corkscrew. We will then go around Mesa Flow to descend down Espresso. We will continue down Start/Finish until we get to Grasshopper and then follow the fire road back around to the Glades to finish!
Kid's race will cutoff right before the climb up Corkscrew and meet back with the track when we merge onto Grasshopper.
See everyone tomorrow afternoon!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Race Photos With Brent Murphy Photography

Hey all, Brent Murphy Photography has been doing a great job coming out each week to take photos for the series! 
Here is the link to last week's race pictures on his website, make sure to go check them out!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Week 5 Course; Silent Auction Continuing

We hope everyone enjoyed the week off for the 4th of July! Here's the map for this week's race.
We will be starting like we normally do by the Pavilion and going over the bridge to merge left to Dirt 101. We will hook around to continue on Grasshopper, but then turn left to merge onto Backtrack and climb up Mid Mesa. We will then go through Mesa Flow, descend down Corkscrew, and turn right down Start/Finish. We then go across the bridge to Dirt 101 again and work around back to the start. Should be a fun one this week!

Also, we will be continuing the silent auction this week for the three signed Allen Lim cookbooks provided by Skratch Labs! The silent auction sheets will be up near registration so make sure to put in a bid. This is a great way to support our sponsors and CU Cycling Short Track as a whole! We will be announcing winners right after the Men's B race so make sure to stick around if you participated in the auction.
See everyone tomorrow at 4:30pm!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

No Short Track on 4th of July!

Hey everyone, thank you so much for coming out to all the races and making this season successful so far! It’s been great seeing how well the races go.
We wanted to let everyone know that there will be NO races this Wednesday in the spirt of the 4th of July. So enjoy your week off! We will see you come next week for the second half of the season.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Week 4 Track

Here's the track for this week! We will be doing something different by starting in the opposite direction with the staging area on the bridge. We will go through the glades and out on the fire road to Hot Lap. We will go all the way across the map to the entrance to Dirt 101, and then curve up halfway on the bridge to meet up with Gear Down. We will then descend on Espresso and take the paved road back to the glades and the start/ finish line! The Kid's race will be two laps by starting on the regular course and meeting up with Dirt 101. Kids will be going in the opposite direction as the regular racers and then meeting with the paved road to get back to the normal course.

We ask that NO RACERS PRE-RIDE DIRT 101 DURING THE KIDS RACE to make sure there are no head on accidents. We also ask that while races are in session to cross the track VERY CAREFULLY while going to line up in the staging area and make sure no racers are coming. We will have a designated crossing section near the start finish for racers to reach the staging area. We don't want any collisions tomorrow!

Silent Auction This Week Thanks To Our Sponsors!

Hey all, I just wanted to take a moment to thank our great sponsors Panache Cyclewear, RaceRite, Conation Collective, and Skratch Labs that are coming out every week to help make this series possible! They are all doing an amazing job supporting us with prizes, electronic timing, number plates and almost everything else we need. Make sure to go check out the sponsor tents at the races and online and give them some love for us!
We also wanted to announce we will be doing a silent auction this week thanks to Skratch Labs. In this auction we will be featuring three signed copies of Biju Thomas & Allen Lim's "The Feed Zone" cookbooks! Want some different ideas to meet your macros each week? These books feature a host of cycling and athlete friendly recipes great for packing on rides, sitting down for midweek dinners, or even planning big events. Each one is signed personally by Allen Lim and has a personal message on the front cover.

We will be having the auction sheets out by registration tomorrow and starting bids for each book will be $15. We will be announcing the winners after the end of the Men's B race at about 6:30pm. All proceeds go to help support CU Cycling and the series, so make sure to participate and help out! This is a great opportunity to support our sponsors and the series but also get some great swag too! We will see everyone out there tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Week #3 Race Course

Alright Everyone, here's the course for this week!
We are starting off in the same area as we did the last few weeks going clockwise this time. We will start by turning on Dirt 101 then onto Grasshopper to take us to the other side of the creek. We will then climb up Gear Down to a quick descent down Rivet. At the bottom of the descent, turn left to merge onto Stoke and climb to the top where we will be going down corkscrew again. Follow the fire road to hook back with the start.
Should be another fast course but with a technical climb this time! We will see you all out tomorrow.