Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rain couldn't stop the fun!

The timing of Boulder summer weather is rough...The afternoon downpour came at 4:30, just as registration was opening. It conveniently stopped at 5pm, so we dried off our equipment and finished setting everything up, delaying the Kids Race by 20 minutes.

The sun and heat thoroughly dried most of the course by the time the Men's C's started. So with 105 racers not discouraged by the previous rain, racing on the new trails, Chuck from Full Cycle still handing out Bratwursts and hot dogs, it was a good Wednesday. We also had plenty of prizes and stickers on hand from IMBA who generously donated to our cause, along with some more prizes from Justin's and Mix1.

Check out Jeff Stephenson's pictures from Wednesday. We should have more pictures, and some helmet-cam videos on the way too.

We've got the results posted. There were a couple of notable absences leading to some big changes in the overall standings. Cade Mead now claims 2nd over the missing Joe Goodacre in the Kids Standings, Ksenia Lepikhina's 2nd place finish behind Nicole Duke allowed her to make up a lot of ground on Erin Huck, who missed the Women's A's race. Brian Alders jumped past both Mike West and Brady Kappius, picking up his second win of the series on Wednesday.

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Any updates since 7/6?