Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moving to Valmont Bike Park

We've been working closely with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation and will officially be moving our Summer Series to Valmont Bike Park! We're really excited about it and hope you all are too. Over on Valmont and Airport Road, you'll get a bunch of new courses with more variety, still with the same fun atmosphere we've always had. Great mid-week family activities - mom and dad can shred some single track, and the little juniors can develop their fat-tire skills (free for them as always). We'll also be working with EXPAND to get some of those modified super-aero mountain bikes racing a few times this summer too.

Only 2 downsides to VBP:
1. The facility fee requires us to bump up prices for registration; and
2. It's a little further out than the ol' Research Park, but you should bike there anyways. Just think of it like a longer warm-up.

Check out Kris's article about it over at 303 Cycling. We should have pre-registration up at PreRace later today or tomorrow. We'll see you next week! (at VALMONT).

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Andre Salzinger said...

sounds great. Need to go there :)