Friday, August 9, 2013

One race left!

It's official - in the realm of race hand-ups, jelly beans are easier to grab than cash. Maybe with all that climbing this week, everyone was more eager for the magical beans. One of the expert cash graps was Margell Abel, who held on tight to a 5-dollar bill - a nice accessory to go with her Women's A win. Bjorn Riley has locked up his lead in the overall with another win this week. Luke Kriedl extended his lead over Henry Rapinz in the kids race as they finished 1-2 in a sprint, but Henry can still take the overall with a good performance next week.

Check out some of Dejan's photos in the Corkscrew, and take a look at the results from the past two weeks: July 31, Aug 7, and the Overall Standings

We still have a bunch of tight competition in the standings for the last week. The top 3 in the Men's C's are within 35 points, though Scott Gurst has been on a role lately and will certainly do what he can to hold on to his lead. In the single speed category, Tom Hopper and Brad Berger are tied for the lead, and Justin Sheldon is close behind. Lydia Tanner and Ksenia Lepikhina are within 3 points of each other in the Women's A's battle for 2nd, and Karen Hogan is nipping at them too...

To make things more interesting in these tight races, we're awarding 5 points (and jelly beans) to everyone who shows up in costume next week, and 40 points to the best costume in each category. The question is - how should we vote on best costume? Pre-race voting by audience cheers? Maybe post-race to not cut into your warmup?

Design those costumes, and get pumped to celebrate another great short track season!

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