Monday, April 28, 2014

Get Ready for Short Track 2014!

CU Cycling is proud to host another MTB Summer Short Track Series at Valmont Bike Park during the summer of 2014! Races take place every Wednesday from June 4 through August 13, starting at around 5pm with children’s races and continuing until the night finishes at around 7:15pm with the start of the Men’s A field. Riders of any and all abilities and ages are welcome and encouraged to come join in Boulder’s long-standing tradition of great community fun. If you’re not a racer but you’ve ever thought about racing a mountain bike, this is the time to swallow your nerves and give it a go!
This summer, the race organizers will be trying something a little different, oriented to the more gravity-inclined folks: two dual slalom races during the season will take place of normal short track! Stay tuned to this website for updates on the when and how of these two races.

Continue to visit the Short Track page at to stay connected and in the know about the series and other announcements race organizers will have during the season. Come feed your competitive side at Valmont Bike Park this summer and get in touch with the outstanding community of cyclists that call Boulder home!

- Chad Hotimsky, CU Summer Short Track Coordinator


Adam Hecht said...

Great news! thanks for the update

Scott G said...

Glad to have the short track races back this summer. I appreciate what you guys do for the local mountain bike community. Looking at the schedule, last year there were 13 short track races scheduled. This year, it appears you are starting two weeks later, and taking two weeks off short track to do dual-slalom. That's four fewer scheduled short track races than last year. Wish that weren't the case, but I guess it's better than none at all.

Rick said...

Is the series registered at If so, would you please post a link to it? It appears that my search-fu on that site is otherwise pathetic. Thank you.

The Short Track Crew said...

Scott G. We're working on getting a cross country eliminator bracket for at least the second dual slalom week, if not also the first. This way we can get gravity riders and endurance racers involved in the summer festivities.