Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dual Slalom Next Week

Despite thunder rumbling, we were able to get the second week's races off to a great start. This week, we introduced Dave Towle as series commentator for the rest of the summer: that guy elevates the race to the next level!
Just a reminder, next week will be a dual slalom race on the west end of Valmont. Everyone is welcome, so we'll likely include a kids' race (14 and under), sport (likely anyone not riding a dirtjumper or trail bike), and pro (likely anyone riding a dirtjumper or trail bike). The categories are not concrete and are subject to change as registration fills up and we see who will be racing. Note: because of the limited number of racers we can get through the course in the tournament-style bracket, kids will be charged a race fee this week. Registration will officially begin at 4:15pm on race day, but in order to secure a spot in the bracket, we recommend that you pre-register here. We look forward to the new race style next week!


Zulu50hanover said...

Is there short track as well?

Adam Hecht said...

how will single speed cat be scored?

The Short Track Crew said...

There is no short track this week. If we are able to run dual slalom well this time, then there is a likelihood of having both DS and short track on July 16. As for scoring, the results from DS will not add points to the overall standings because we have only a limited number of spots available during the night based on time. In terms of categories, if there are enough single speeders, we may have a SS category, otherwise you will be included in one of the existing cats.