Monday, May 16, 2016

The First Week Is Almost Here

Good news! This Wednesday will kick off the 2016 CU Short Track series at Valmont Bike Park, this season featuring electronic timing provided by RaceRite.

Since this is the first race of the season, things may move a little bit slower than usual as we get you all signed up to race for the first time and find our stride. Be prepared for this and show up 10-15 minutes earlier than you normally would to compensate for any hiccups that may occur. The race schedule can be found to the right, and we will keep to this as closely as possible.

Just like last year, the number you get on the first week you race will be your number for the entire series. Unlike last year, this season's numberplates have electronic chips attached to the back for use with the aforementioned electronic timing system. This means you must be sure you hold onto your number and bring it with you every week. Unfortunately, if you lose your number and need a new one, you will be required to buy a new numberplate for $10. If you plan on participating in multiple events in one evening (for example Men's B and Singlespeed), you must use a unique numberplate for each event. The benefit of this new system is that you will be able to see your results immediately after finishing the race, results will be accurate and correct, and final results with points will be up by the next day at the latest.

This week's course will stick to the southern portion of the bike park, going through the Skillz Loop and Glades.

At the time of writing, rain has closed the trails at Valmont. Hopefully the sun will come out on Wednesday and we will be good to go by 5pm; check back here for any updates should the weather choose not to cooperate.

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