Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 10

Below you will find this week's course map. After several weeks of long courses, this one will be a little shorter, sticking to the southern portion of the park.

Officially two races left after this week, but we are thinking of adding one more on August 10. More details as it develops.

I've seen and heard about a couple heated moments in the past few weeks (before, during, and after races) and would like to remind everyone that CU Short Track is a fun, independent, Wednesday night summer race series. As the Summer 2016 series comes to a close, please remember this. For many, this is a good opportunity to get their feet wet and try bike racing for the first time--not everybody knows all the rules and etiquette. If you feel somebody has made a mistake, let them know and help them improve so that they want to come back and try again. Bike racing is fun!

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