Thursday, May 25, 2017

Short Track Week 1 Results

Results are up, HERE
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Thanks everybody who showed up to kick off CU Short Track 2017! The weather was great and the event ran smoothly and on-time.

As you might expect from the first week of the race series there were a couple hiccups, most important of which is that it appears some numbers never got names attached to them. If you raced, please check the results--if you're not there, let us know! We need your name, contest, and bib number to correct the issue.

Next week: we are getting a new batch of numberplates for this season. When you show up at registration we will be assigning the new ones, which will have a RED banner at the top. This is the numberplate you will keep for the rest of the season.

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Beth Lev-Tov said...

Thanks for putting on a great race! Wanted to let you know that some of the women's B results are incorrect. While I like where I'm placed, it's too high. The time is wrong (too high) but I was down a lap so should have been lower in the placings. The women right behind me are correct I think. Cheri should be ahead & not down a lap.