Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't jinx the weather

Our excitement to start the series tomorrow hasn't waned since last week. A few details about the series...First and foremost, follow us on Twitter at @CU_Cycling_Team. We try to announce weather cancellations and results here, there and on Facebook, but Twitter and Facebook are usually first. (I'll get a side-bar going for it soon). Second - Points for the series. We'll be doing both daily and overall results - with details about prizes to come. For the overall, we have 12 11 races in the series, and determining the overall by the top 8 races. This gives you a chance to take that vacation over the summer and not worry about falling behind to Brady Kappius too much. (BTW Happy Birthday Brady!)

As this is a fundraiser for CU Cycling (2nd at Mountain and Road Nationals!), we want to encourage you to show up as much as possible. So the individual points break down might be a little unique. In standard form it ranges from 100 points for 1st place to 20 points for 15th. But for those finishing outside the top 15 get 15 points. Those who don't finish (but race their hearts out) get 10 points. Those who did not start but registered and thus still donate to CU Cycling get 5 points. Not racing or donating yields 0 points, naturally. Also, you'll get penalized for attacking refs, cutting the course, and doping. So don't do any of those things.

Points Schedule
Place Points
1 100
2 90
3 81
4 72
5 64
6 57
7 51
8 45
9 40
10 35
11 30
12 27
13 24
14 22
15 20
16+ 15
DNF 10 Did not Finish
DNS 5 Did not Start
DNR 0 Did not Race
DQ_Pipes -200 Attacked a Ref
EPO -10000 and fined as per USAC Regulations Tested positive for doping
Cut -100 Cheating cutting the course

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23 Cancelled...

Well isn't that just typical...We've been excited to get the series started, and just like last year, the first race of the series is accompanied by a lot of rain. We'll see you next week though, May 30th.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First 2012 race - May 23

On vacation for now. Details coming soon. Check out the Flyer and share it with everyone you know!