Thursday, August 12, 2010

Congratulations to everyone who raced!

Our series finished up yesterday, after 11 days of racing (only 2 cancelled on account of rain). You can check out yesterday's results here, with the Overall standings updated here.

Over the 11 races, with 7 different categories (Kids, Juniors, Women's A and B, and Men's A, B and C), there ended up being 44 different people winning at least one race, and 90 different racers found their way on to the podium. So there was always some intense action at our races, wins were never guaranteed. Consistently good performance seemed to be the name of the game for our series winners. A big congratulations goes out to our series winners:

Kids: Oliver Hart
Juniors: Jack Tanner
Women B: Deidre Garvey
Women A: Erin Huck
Men C: Ken Kreidl
Men B: Rick Emerson
Men A: Bryan Alders

Bryan Alders and Erin Huck tied for the most number of wins this summer, with 6 each. The A categories had some fierce competitions, as both Alders and Huck won the series by less than 200 points. For the Women B category, attendance and consistancy mattered more than winning. Deidre Garvey never got the victory, but she was usually in the top 4 of every race. Her persistance and reliability resulted in the Summer Series Overall victory, which is an even more sweet reward.

We are happy to see so many kids interested in mountain biking. Over the course of the series, 55 different children competed.

The Short Track Series is a huge fundraiser for the CU Cycling team, so we REALLY appreciate everyone who came out. We want to thank Full Cycle as well for supplying the truck to post results on, and even moreso for the hot dogs and burgers they graceously supply week after week. It's been a fun summer. We'll see you again next summer!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Final Short Track!

It's hard to believe the 2010 series is nearing its end. After weather shutting down last week's short track, get the angst out this Wednesday. Being the final race this summer, we've got a great new course planned, we'll have awards and prizes, and of course Full Cycle will be on hand with the grill going.

Just to have everything all set, look through the results to make sure everything is copasetic, and let Abby know if there are any corrections that need to be made (

See you Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sorry for the posting delay

I'm currently at a conference in Toronto that doesn't have free internet access. Thanks for your patience though. July 28th results are now up though, along with updated standings.
Only 2 short track races left, so make 'em count! We'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 21 Results Posted

Check 'em out here. With Brady Kappius and Colby Pearce missing this week, Bryan Alders boosted his lead in the Men's A's. Erin Huck was also missing from the Women's A race, allowing Margel Abel to seriously close the gap in the overall with her 2nd place finish. The standings for Women's B's is also getting close, as Phoebe Erdman's third place finish helped her close on overall leader Diedre Garvey, who finished 4th. Will the remaining 3 races be enough for Phoebe to make up another 50 points to win the series, or will Diedre hold her off?
Meanwhile, Rick Emerson's 2nd place finish on Wednesday secured his victory in the Men's B series (though showing up on the final day will be useful for prize distribution and podium pictures and such). The fight for 2nd is very much alive though, with Seth Smekel and Jusin Green separated by only 5 points. Todd Saveland and Tim Ackerman are currently tied for 2nd in the Men's C's overall after last week's race. So there's definitely still some fierce racing to be seen in these last few weeks of racing.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rained Out for July 7

Rain all last night, less right now, but more on the way. We're sad to cancel tonight's short track races, but the research park is too soggy. Hopefully next week's weather is better, and we'll see you on the 14th.

Monday, July 5, 2010

June 30 Results

The full results from last Wednesdya have been posted. Ksenia Lepikhina beat out Phoebe Erdman in the Women's B's last Wednesday, closing in the Phoebe's 2nd place in the overall series. Cloe Foresman showed up for the Women's A's, the 2nd time this series, and also marking her second victory. Erin Huck still has a strong lead in the overall though. Rick Emerson continues to run away with the overall in Men's B's. And Bryan Alders expanded his narrow lead over Brady Kappius, the two finished 1st and 3rd respectively.

A small chance of rain this week could make for a muddy fun time. See you all Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Short Track 6

Ksenia Lepikhina has now won 2 Women B short tracks in a row. If this keeps up, she might be able to catch Deidre Garvey for the overall points lead. Bryan Alders took back his top podium spot last week in the Men's A's over 2nd place Brady Kappius. These two have been neck and neck all season, making for some exiting racing to watch. Erin Huck continued to expand her lead for the overall in Women's A's. In the Juniors category, an absent Niklas Scheiling allowed Jack Tanner to take the lead in the overall with his 3rd place finish on Wednesday.

Check out last Wednesday's results here, with full standings updated here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Short Track 5

The action for the overall is heating up in the Mens A's - Brady Kappius won in the Men's A's for the second time in a row. Brian Alders' lead for the overall is now only 10 points. Meanwhile, Erin Huck extended her lead in the Women's A's. We've had several new racers in the Men's C's, and a few new faces in the Men's B's. Cesar Ochoa had his first race of the series, racing in the Junior's category and taking 4th, and Kahill Bailey took 5th in the Kids race, also his first time this season at CU Short Track. Look out for these kids during the rest of the series, they mean business.

Full results from Short Track #5 are posted here, with full standings updated in the usual place.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Short Track #4

Sorry for the delay in getting the results up to you. On the plus side, my research group flew our aircraft near some tornadoes this week to collect some novel wind and temperature data, in the hopes of improving tornado warning systems.

Short track this week sadly saw only 8 Women's A racers. Erin Huck was missing, meaning her lead in the series is cut down. Oliver Hart and Cane Mead continue a fierce battle in the Kid's series standings. Brady Kappius finally overtook Bryan Alders, winning the Men's A's, though Alders still has a decent lead in the overall.

Check out Wednesday's results and the Total Standings, and we'll see you on the 16th.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

3rd Week results posted

We've run into some administrative/DNS issues this week, and the webmaster is on the road throughout May and June chasing tornadoes and flying unmanned aircraft for his academic research. In mean time, we're now at ...which you obviously know since you're reading this...

Update your links and bookmarks, and should something like that happen again, the best place to see updates for what's going on is We apologize for the inconvenience.

The results from this week are posted here. We saw a lot of newcomers this past week, a sign of the awesome weather we've been having here. Still, Bryan Alders is controlling the Men's A's, and Erin Huck is still holds the the overall lead in the Women's A's, but it was her Tokyo Joe's teammate Chloe Foresman taking the win this week.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Short Track #2

The second week of CU Short Track brought more racers, especially in the Men's B's and Women's A's. Bryan Alders continues undefeated in the Men's A's, with Brady Kappius close behind in both races. Meanwhile, we have some battling for first in the Women's A's between Nicole Duke and Erin Huck. Check out week 2 results here. was again on hand for photos, which can be found on their website at

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Race Down

Despite some looming clouds, the weather stayed perfect for the series opener on Wednesday. Full Cycle brought the grill and the bratwursts, CU brought the music and other necessities, and you brought your bikes. Turnout was on the small side for most races. Kids had a great showing, with 12 youngins racing, and Men's A's had a solid 23 racers. was on hand to take plenty of photos, posted in their Photos section. We have also put up results, posted in their usual spot, just click on the date on the race calendar to the right. The total standings will be updated every week as well. Send us an email or a comment if you notice any errors - parsing handwriting and typing rarely goes perfectly.

Some notes for next time:
  1. Bring your name plate again for next week, new numbers cost extra.

  2. If you're doubling up on races, the second race is only $6.

  3. We'd like you to bring your license every week even if we already have you in our system - it helps us out at registration.

  4. You only have to fill out the paperwork / releases once this summer. So if you filled out the forms from racing this past Wednesday, there's no need to fill them out again, you're set for all summer.

  5. If you have any additional photos - or were wearing a helmet cam and posted the video, please share the links in the comments section.

See you on the 26th!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The series is 2 weeks away!

It's that time of the season once again: the trails are drying out, the weather's warming up. Get out your mountain bike and lets BBQ! The series is running from May 19 to August 11, every Wednesday evening. See you again soon!