Thursday, August 12, 2010

Congratulations to everyone who raced!

Our series finished up yesterday, after 11 days of racing (only 2 cancelled on account of rain). You can check out yesterday's results here, with the Overall standings updated here.

Over the 11 races, with 7 different categories (Kids, Juniors, Women's A and B, and Men's A, B and C), there ended up being 44 different people winning at least one race, and 90 different racers found their way on to the podium. So there was always some intense action at our races, wins were never guaranteed. Consistently good performance seemed to be the name of the game for our series winners. A big congratulations goes out to our series winners:

Kids: Oliver Hart
Juniors: Jack Tanner
Women B: Deidre Garvey
Women A: Erin Huck
Men C: Ken Kreidl
Men B: Rick Emerson
Men A: Bryan Alders

Bryan Alders and Erin Huck tied for the most number of wins this summer, with 6 each. The A categories had some fierce competitions, as both Alders and Huck won the series by less than 200 points. For the Women B category, attendance and consistancy mattered more than winning. Deidre Garvey never got the victory, but she was usually in the top 4 of every race. Her persistance and reliability resulted in the Summer Series Overall victory, which is an even more sweet reward.

We are happy to see so many kids interested in mountain biking. Over the course of the series, 55 different children competed.

The Short Track Series is a huge fundraiser for the CU Cycling team, so we REALLY appreciate everyone who came out. We want to thank Full Cycle as well for supplying the truck to post results on, and even moreso for the hot dogs and burgers they graceously supply week after week. It's been a fun summer. We'll see you again next summer!

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