Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Short Track 6

Ksenia Lepikhina has now won 2 Women B short tracks in a row. If this keeps up, she might be able to catch Deidre Garvey for the overall points lead. Bryan Alders took back his top podium spot last week in the Men's A's over 2nd place Brady Kappius. These two have been neck and neck all season, making for some exiting racing to watch. Erin Huck continued to expand her lead for the overall in Women's A's. In the Juniors category, an absent Niklas Scheiling allowed Jack Tanner to take the lead in the overall with his 3rd place finish on Wednesday.

Check out last Wednesday's results here, with full standings updated here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Short Track 5

The action for the overall is heating up in the Mens A's - Brady Kappius won in the Men's A's for the second time in a row. Brian Alders' lead for the overall is now only 10 points. Meanwhile, Erin Huck extended her lead in the Women's A's. We've had several new racers in the Men's C's, and a few new faces in the Men's B's. Cesar Ochoa had his first race of the series, racing in the Junior's category and taking 4th, and Kahill Bailey took 5th in the Kids race, also his first time this season at CU Short Track. Look out for these kids during the rest of the series, they mean business.

Full results from Short Track #5 are posted here, with full standings updated in the usual place.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Short Track #4

Sorry for the delay in getting the results up to you. On the plus side, my research group flew our aircraft near some tornadoes this week to collect some novel wind and temperature data, in the hopes of improving tornado warning systems.

Short track this week sadly saw only 8 Women's A racers. Erin Huck was missing, meaning her lead in the series is cut down. Oliver Hart and Cane Mead continue a fierce battle in the Kid's series standings. Brady Kappius finally overtook Bryan Alders, winning the Men's A's, though Alders still has a decent lead in the overall.

Check out Wednesday's results and the Total Standings, and we'll see you on the 16th.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

3rd Week results posted

We've run into some administrative/DNS issues this week, and the webmaster is on the road throughout May and June chasing tornadoes and flying unmanned aircraft for his academic research. In mean time, we're now at http://cushorttrack.blogspot.com/ ...which you obviously know since you're reading this...

Update your links and bookmarks, and should something like that happen again, the best place to see updates for what's going on is http://www.cucycling.com/. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The results from this week are posted here. We saw a lot of newcomers this past week, a sign of the awesome weather we've been having here. Still, Bryan Alders is controlling the Men's A's, and Erin Huck is still holds the the overall lead in the Women's A's, but it was her Tokyo Joe's teammate Chloe Foresman taking the win this week.