Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Race Down

Despite some looming clouds, the weather stayed perfect for the series opener on Wednesday. Full Cycle brought the grill and the bratwursts, CU brought the music and other necessities, and you brought your bikes. Turnout was on the small side for most races. Kids had a great showing, with 12 youngins racing, and Men's A's had a solid 23 racers. was on hand to take plenty of photos, posted in their Photos section. We have also put up results, posted in their usual spot, just click on the date on the race calendar to the right. The total standings will be updated every week as well. Send us an email or a comment if you notice any errors - parsing handwriting and typing rarely goes perfectly.

Some notes for next time:
  1. Bring your name plate again for next week, new numbers cost extra.

  2. If you're doubling up on races, the second race is only $6.

  3. We'd like you to bring your license every week even if we already have you in our system - it helps us out at registration.

  4. You only have to fill out the paperwork / releases once this summer. So if you filled out the forms from racing this past Wednesday, there's no need to fill them out again, you're set for all summer.

  5. If you have any additional photos - or were wearing a helmet cam and posted the video, please share the links in the comments section.

See you on the 26th!

2 comments: said...

5/26 photos are up!


Ansible said...

Awesome, thx for the pics.