Monday, June 3, 2013

Rider Poll: Single Speed and Women's A's

Since the Men's B field is always the largest, we were thinking that having the men's Single Speed field go a minute after them is annoying - both for single speeders to need to navigate the B field that they catch, and for us to score and keep straight.

So we've been thinking about having the Single speeders start at 6:40, with the Women's A's starting a minute after them. Thoughts?

Let us know in the comments.


Rick said...

Prefer the earlier start time, but understand your constraints.

Selfishly speaking, start SSers @ 6:10pm and Women's A one minute later, and Men's B @ 6:40pm?

michelebliss said...

or have them 1 minute ahead - I am sure at some point they too will navigate our field!

Bryan Grace said...

I like Rick's suggestion. I think starting the B's at 6:40 would be excellent.

erin said...

start ss ahead or behind of women a, start time at 6:40