Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Tour De Glades

"If I could only do one race for the rest of my life, I'd be perfectly happy w/local midweek stxc, especially the CU Cycling Team series."
    - Spencer Powlison

Thanks for the very kind words, Spencer! We are glad to be able to put on a fun mid-week race series for the community, and knowing how much you all enjoy it makes us even happier.

We maintained the same numbers tonight as the record-setting turnout from last week. Maybe it was the draw of a flat course, but the course was still plenty long. Lap times were coming in around 5 minutes, with the Men's A's topping out around 4 and a half minutes. There was plenty of excitement in every race - partially motivated by avoiding mosquitoes - I got eaten alive during tear-down tonight.

Sorry to keep this recap short - I need to pack and sleep before traveling tomorrow through Tuesday. (That's right, I plan my travel around being at Short Track). But thanks again for the huge turnout, and thanks to everyone who suffered through the mosquitoes with us to make cleanup quick and easy. Tonight's results are posted in the usual spots. I may have made an error or two in my haste. Let me know, and I'll fix any issues when I'm back in town.

3 more things:
1: Nothing's official yet....But EVOL...It's in the works.
2: Hills are on the schedule for next week - after two whole weeks with no corkscrew we figure it's time to play around up there again.
3. Hog Roast at Rocky Mounts tomorrow evening, supporting Community Cycles

See you next week!


James Moro Photography said...

any chance you guys would consider taking input from the riders on the course design?

Maybe post up 3 possible course routes and let people vote?

Most people I talked to weren't exactly thrilled with the course last night.

IMHO, I think it was poorly designed. far too many instances where people came fly into a standstill in a corner or simply couldn't carry any speed.

the stop and go nature of the course was really boring and frustrating.

Bryan Grace said...

I really enjoyed the course last night and thought it was great considering the heat. I personally did not want to race up hills in 90+ degree heat and was very happy to see a course that didn't have much climbing. I felt the course was very similiar to a course at research park where you really had to dial the corners properly to void a complete stop and go. Last night tested your handling skills and I really think that's important in a race when you are riding a mountain bike. If it were just steep hill climbs all of the time, then it's only a test of fitness and not skill, which is not what mountain bike racing should be about. Anyway, props to you guys for not only putting on a kick ass race every week, but for also trying to switch things up. I always leave the short track races with a smile and a butt kicking. Keep it up!

Cheri Felix said...

I'm not trying to be adversarial but I wanted to say that I LOVED last night's course. I thought that it was more about handling the bike, picking the right lines, using the natural passing opportunities and using obstacles and less about climbing. I felt like it was more of a MTB race than a road race on dirt.
Having said that I like that I show up each week to a different course because it stretches me as a racer. Thanks for all you guys do!