Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Thanks to everyone who was still around for the holiday who came out to our 7th race at Valmont. The watermelon, courtesy of Charlie Liu, was very refreshing throughout the hot evening. It was also fun having some sweet gear from Nite Ize to give away as prizes for the races. We'll have some more for next week too.

There were a couple missed attempts at the cash handups that we had, but a couple riders grabbed and pocketed like seasoned pros. The bunny hops and wheelies made scoring the finish entertaining for me too.

The results are posted in the usual spots. There are a couple of big shifts in the standings since a few key riders were missing this week. Brady Kappius, Bryan Alders and Allen Krughoff in the Men's A's were all missing, though Sam Morrison was turning some really fast lasps and may have gotten the birthday win anyway. However, the worst 4 races get dropped, so we'll have to see if their absence remains to be a factor.

Enjoy the holiday and long weekend! We'll see you at Valmont next week!


James Moro Photography said...

Great course this week :)

Just LMAO when I noticed the points explanations. "tested positive for doping. -1000 points" bwahahaha!

+5 points for style. Does that include wallrides at the bottom of the corkscrew? :D

The Short Track Crew said...

Heh, I'm glad someone caught that. I like to have a little fun with results every now and then. We do need a photographer over there at some point catching the wall rides. So far, style has been for wheelies, bunny hops, and dancing to our music.
We'll probably have something as well for costumes. There were some festive streamers on a kids bike for July 4, so that counted.