Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 3 Course Map

Here's the week 3 course map!

Now that most of you have your numbers for the season, registration should go faster this week. At this point, you should only have a number in the thousands with a red banner. Don't forget these! You will be charged $10 if your number has to be replaced.

Attendance has been stellar the past couple weeks, so keep it up! With this in mind, though, please try to show up as early as possible for registration. With the crowds we've been getting, even if things go perfectly the lines will likely be a little long at times.

Don't forget, we have prizes each week for the winner of every race! These come courtesy of generous donations from Skratch Labs, Yellowbelly, Panache, and Green Guru.

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cookiestar said...

If you have found a SRAM Rise 60 front wheel, we would really appreciate if you could drop it off at the Valmont park "office" near the playground. Or text us at 720-202-0941. It is for a junior rider. Thank you