Monday, June 22, 2009

June 17 Results

Sorry for the long delay, the main guy who handles results was out of town all weekend. But finally, results are posted here. Standings have been updated too. In the Women's A's, Sarah Altschuler of Walt Works and Molly Throdal of Sports Garage have a fierce back-and-forth going, with Molly holding a small margin in the leaders spot. Meanwhile in the Men's A's, though Bryan Alders (Mona Vie) has yet to get the win, his consistent top 3 finishes keep him ahead of Colby Pearce (Michelob). Wednesday should be hot and sunny, with some fierce competition. See you at 4:45.


Walt said...

Umm, the Men's A results are all kinds of screwy. I finished somewhere around 7th, Matt Pachocha was just behind me, you have no #4 or #8, etc, etc.

Just sayin, is all.

The Short Track Crew said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Walt. We've updated the race results and overall standings. It turns out we did have you finishing 8th, and Mike West finishing 4th. Somewhere in the process of copying results to the spreadsheet/website, we screwed that up. Our official results have Matt Pacocha with a DNF.This may have been an error as we don't have a camera system and are only recording numbers as racers go by. It's easy to miss one in a bunch finish.
To everyone: This is why it's very important to check results after the race. We'll investigate this a little further, but please make sure to check results after every race to sort out any issues.

bliss said...

Hey, if you go to "Standings" under "Series Information" it only shows results through May 27. So, where are they updated to include June 17?

The Neil said...

I am not really complaining about anything, cause my results haven't been screwy, but I don't think any of the results last week were posted after the race. I raced the B's, stuck around and watched the A's, and even asked someone at the tent before I took off if they had posted results anywhere (they weren't on the truck), and they just said to check the internet.