Thursday, July 2, 2009

Run-in with the law

The weather held up great for the July 1st race, and again a lot of people came out to both race and watch. It was a fun night, though some cops had some words with us at CU. For a number of reasons it is illegal to have alcohol at these events. It takes a lot of effort and support to put on this summer series, including the support of the city. So when you do come out to race, cheer or both, please leave the beer at home. It will still be waiting for you cold and refreshing in your refridgerator.

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bliss said...

While it's probably glaringly obvious to most of those who race short track at the Research Park, you might want to consider making clear in your waiver that racing the CU Short Track Series w/o first pre-riding the course the day of the race is not only dangerous to the rider who fails to pre ride the course, but also unnecessarily dangerous to those that crash into him/her.

If you keep the BMXy-style jumps in, and I'm not suggesting you don't, you're gonna have more accidents and potentially greater risk exposure to the CU Series.