Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring in Colorado...

It's May 1st. That means short track is right around the corner. What's with the foot of fresh snow? I guess head up to A-Basin and enjoy it. But I have faith it will be gone by the time our Wednesday night series kicks off...just 3 weeks away.

We're still waiting on a few last minute details to get finalized, and we're still looking for a couple more volunteers and prize sponsors. Once we have everything lined up, we'll get a flyer out, and you'll be the first to get it.

In the mean time, sit tight, tune up your suspensions, and cheer on our road team at Nationals this weekend in Utah! Woo! They're going to crush it!

We'll see you on May 22nd!


Dave Thompson said...

What are the average speeds for the winners in each category?

Anthony Carfang said...

I'm afraid we've never thought about recording that info. We create a new course each week, so the distances always change and aren't mapped out precisely to determine it from lap times. Average speeds on some technical courses also wouldn't give you a great flavor of skill levels of each category.

If you'd like to figure out what category you belong in, Women's B's are generally USAC cat 3-4, with A's 1-2's. Men's C's are 4-5's, B's are 3s and 4's, and A's are 1's and 2's.

You could look at last year's results and investigate the race history of a few of the riders on their USAC profiles (most have USAC licenses). There's no harm in starting the series as a C, and then if that's way too slow, jumping in the B's afterwards, or the following week. Or you could start as a B, and adjust for the next week.