Thursday, July 11, 2013

Technical course next week!

It was a hot one last night, and attendance was a little low for it. However, we had a few highlights on last night's smooth and flowy course:
  • Kevin Bracy-Knight out racing on a Fat-Bike
  • Single Speeder Mark Baudry finished with his signature wheelie
  • Scott Gurst (a long time veteran of the series) got his first short track win!
  • 5-year-old Joshua Lucas did his first mountain bike race ever, a single day after taking off his training wheels!
  • Two legendary A riders almost went into trackstand mode in an awesome duel near the finish of the Men's A's -- Brady Kappius and John Mansell duking it out in a manner of sorts.
We also had a few changes in the overall standings! Results are in the usual places - check 'em out. Also check out Dejan's pics from July 3rd's race (among others).
A few things to note - with how smooth this week's course was, we're making next week's course very interesting. We'll have forced rock drops (no go-around options) and a descent down the Belgian Steps. This will be a course for the full-suspensioners. (We'll of course have some options for the kids race.)

We're also working out specifics with EVOL for some prizes, as well as a series-end party.

Themed races: We might add a bmx/dirt-jumper race for August 7 - it'll be one heck of a race. We're also inviting costumes for August 14th, as usual. Prizes for the best costume.

We've been taking note from Barry's Thursday-night crit series in Longmont with the fruit spread. We've been happy to supply the watermelon for racers every week. However, would you prefer some other fruit too? Perhaps oranges?

See you on next week's technical course!