Sunday, August 4, 2013

Already August!

Only two weeks left in the Short Track Series this summer. Our last race was another success, with more than 120 racers. A big thanks to Margell for helping score, allowing me to jump on my bike for a race.

I'm through part one of my travel, just unpacked. And now repacking for trip #2, catching a flight early tomorrow morning. I'll hopefully get back early enough Tuesday night to have results up before Wednesday's race. Thanks for your patience with that.

Since we didn't run this course on the 24th, we're thinking this week will be up the corkscrew and through the sand pit.

 See you Wednesday!


James Moro Photography said...

just throwing this out there, but sand and suspension dont mix that well. The sand pit has the potential to uttery destroy seals and stanchions and leave people with some costly repairs.

anyone have experience racing in deep sand or on the beach?

am I over exaggerating the risk to mechanical parts?

Bryan Grace said...

Are you guys ever going to post the results for last week? :-)