Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 6 Results

Thank you to all who came out and raced last night, we once again got lucky with the weather. Let's hope it continues! Results can be found here, and the link in the sidebar will get you the results for the entire season.

Thanks for bearing with us as we played around with the idea of call-ups. Even though they didn't end up happening, the benefit on our side was that it helped highlight a couple issues with results that we can now correct, which will help with the accuracy of overall series standings.

We will hold off on trying again until the last race of the season, with the exception of the A races. As long as weather and counting issues don't put us behind, we will do call-ups for the A races next week.

We've had a few photographers come out each week, making fantastic photos. For the past 5 races Greg Cooper has been setting up camp, and last night we also had Jeremy Alcorn out there. Thanks for all the great photos guys!

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Racer said...

Hoping to have the scoring cleared up for racer #269 races in B's, and 406 races in C's.