Thursday, June 1, 2017

Short Track Week 2 Results

Find results Here.

Last night offered some incredible racing, and some large fields too. Thanks to everybody who came out! Also thanks to everybody for bearing with us as we sorted out registration; we will work on streamlining the process for next week.

On that note, you should now have a numberplate with a red banner and a number higher than 1000. This is your number for the rest of the season! Do not throw it out, do not lose it! Replacement is $10. Also do not bring your old numberplate (all white, number less than 1000). If you race multiple races and stack your numbers together, make sure that one is not in the stack.

There were several issues with race 1 results. Those have now been corrected.

If you still have questions/comments/concerns, please email Comments on the blog are great, but difficult to respond to directly.

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