Thursday, June 2, 2011

And the Series is under way!

The rainy season has passed, and the trails are dry. So CU's Summer Short Track Series has finally begun! And what a way to begin, with a whopping 154 racers, including 20 wicked fast kids!

As always, Chuck from Full Cycle was out grilling hot dogs and brats, competing with the Boulder Junior Cycles tent with their hot dogs and biker-friendly (healthy) cookies. Dave Wright was on hand photographing the Women's A and Men's A fields. Check out some sweet photos here. Thanks Dave!

Results are posted.
We still have a few bugs to work out, so let us know if there are any corrections.
Additionally we had advertised hosting girls Juniors with the Women's B's, and boys Juniors with the Men's C's, but ended up racing all juniors together with Women's B's - the way we have normally done it in the past. We apologize to the juniors who missed the women's B start and raced in the C's instead.

We also started the single speed racers 30 seconds after the Men's B race. On that long course, several of the single speeders caught up and jumped right in with the B's, with a few passing more than half of the B field. Let us know either in comments or emails how you felt it went, and which style you'd prefer. How should we mix the juniors? Should single speeders just start with the B's, 30 seconds ahead, or 30 seconds behind?

Thanks for your input, and a big thanks for racing! We'll see you next Wednesday!


Sam said...

Single Speed should start 30 seconds ahead....

felixlikethecat said...

I thought that last year the juniors started a few minutes behind the Women's B. That seems to make sense to give the women a chance to get round most of the course before you start mixing race groups.It seems like it's easier to score when they are a bit more seperate.

felixlikethecat said...

Not too be picky but I think there were 3 women behind me (Felix) woman was waved off the course because she wasn't going to make it around for the last lap. Not that big of a deal but....
Thanks for all you do-it's a blast!

Jeff Higham said...

A little video footage from last week:

Men's A:

Men's B: