Friday, June 10, 2011

Race #2 in the books!

After a great turnout last week, another 149 racers . This included a bunch of new faces like Joe Goodacre, who was crushing it in the kids race. The question will be can he catch Oliver Hart and Cade Mead, who are currently sitting 1-2 in the overall, just as they were at the end of the 2010 series.
The big kids course featured a tricky hairpin and a bit of a cliff on the back side. Our medic on hand saw a couple of crashes, scraped elbows and knees. The clouds rolling through in the evening just intensified the racing, it seeemd everyone was going all out.

Erin Huck took the win in the Women's A race over CU Cycling's Women's Coach Margell Abel. History seems to repeat itself, as they are now 1-2 in the overall, just as they ended last season.

5 of the Men's A racers were flying through the course! By the end, Brady Kappius just edged out last week's winner Mike West. Mike still has the edge on Brady in the overall though. Last year's winner, Bryan Alders is close behind in 3rd.

Check out the full results here, with the total standings in their usual place.

Thanks to Jeff Higham for the videos from last week's races. And thanks again, Dave Wright for capturing this week's race in photos.


Jeff Higham said...

Men's A race video.

cptnRidesFaster said...

I was in the back of the pack staging Mens B. I am hard of hearing and with Shocking Blue blaring "I'm your Venus" through PA system, I simply could not hear the roll call.

Also, please have the card holders with the laps remaining count holding the cards out for all the stragglers at the back.