Thursday, June 23, 2011

Low turnout in week 4

The longest day of the year was a hot one, so maybe the temperatures scared off a few racers. Perhaps it was the Wednesday practice crit near IBM that took a few racers away. Perhaps its vacation time. We still had 104 racers show up, about 40 less than last week.

On the plus side, word of the Short Track Series is definitely spreading around. Of the 104 racers, we had 43 new faces! We also love the photographers and videographers that keep coming out to the races. Check out last night's Women's A race. I also believe I saw at least one helmet cam at the race. Hopefully we'll see that video soon too.

As for Wednesday's results, check them out here. The overall standings are updated too. We always appreciate feedback, so be sure to let us know if we made any mistakes in the results.

Also, what did you think of the long course? Fun? Challenging? Too long? How about the short lap to start the race? We figured that would help space out the riders enough before the technical stuff began. We did have a little mixup with the large Men's B field, who ended up doing 2 short laps before starting the full course, but it seemed to work out anyway.

There has been some darker news lately in the cycling community:

"Rich Miles was in an extemely severe bicycle accident on Friday [June 17] on peak to peak. Many broken bones, lung punctured. Operation today [June 22]. Vehicle that caused it left scene. Sue Ann Miles wants to get postings on all bicycle club websites. There were witnesses on bikes. In panic at time Sue Ann did not get names. Please help her. Please email her for details. Her e-mail is"

If you have any info about the incident on Peak-to-Peak highway last week, or a blog or website of your own, please help out Sue Ann and Rich.


waldman blog said...

Love the longer course. Thanks. I also do think that the short lap to string out the fields is a good idea.

waldman blog said...

Loved the longer course. Thanks. And, yes, I think having a short lap to string out the field is a really good idea.

rockdude said...

Longer lap are a good thing. The week before last was way too short. The start lap is a good idea. Good job this year so far with utilizing the area.