Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Update on Call-ups

I've been getting a lot of great, helpful, feedback regarding the callups experiment we will be implementing this week, and wanted to put some information up here for everyone to see.

First, I do want to stress that this is a trial. As has been pointed out, this may not be a great thing for the B and C races, where many riders have a hard time making it out to race every single week, but are still strong enough to be front-row, top ten riders. This week we will see what does and does not work, and tweak things from there.

Second, because of the way we have been using the system, points for riders who have been upgraded by changing the category of their existing profile keep the points they have earned, and those points are then reflected in the new category, leading to examples of two riders apparently scoring 100 points in the same race. We will do our best to sort this out and prevent it from happening the rest of the season for a more accurate points tally.

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