Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 3 Results

Thanks to everybody who showed up this week and raced! We got lots of compliments on this week's course--it's gonna be a tough act to follow for next week but we'll do our best! If you have any favorite courses from the past, let us know and we can always run them again.

We've had photographer Greg Cooper at the last couple of races, and he has taken some great photos of the evening. Photos from week 2 can be found here, and the entire series can be found at this link. Thanks Greg!

Here is the current results link: Race 3 and Series Standings. This link will likely change soon, and will be updated ASAP once it does. If it's not working don't worry, it will start working again soon.

Numbers: We've had issues with racers running incorrect numbers for the current race, especially in the juniors where many participants race another higher category race later in the evening. To resolve this issue, attach both numbers to your bike at the same time. The system will pick up both numbers, but since each one has it's own unique code only the one for the race you are currently in will be recorded in the results.


Raf said...

You guys find a tan Filson bag this week or last?

The Short Track Crew said...

We didn't have any bags turned in to us, sorry.