Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 4 Results

Thank you all who turned out last night, I think it was our biggest night of racing yet! Last night's results and series standings can be found at the link.

A big thanks to Skratch labs for being there providing drink mix and energy chews and providing prizes along with Yellowbelly Chicken and Panache Cyclewear.

Our race winners last night were:

Men's A: Chris Baddick
Women's A: Evelyn Dong
Men's B: Keegan Sotebeer
Women's B: Alexa Warner
Men's C: Simon Pendleton
Singlespeed: Tom Hopper
Junior: Riley Cotton
Kids: Alex Noerdlinger

If you didn't pick up your prize, please see us at the finish line next week to claim it.

Once again, we had photographer Greg Cooper in attendance, who took some great photos of everybody sending it at the bottom of Rivet. You can see his photos here.

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