Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hand-Cycle Speed at Valmont

We were thrilled to be able to host a race for adaptive cyclists last night! Hopefully we can spread the word about how much fun it was so we can get more of the hand-cycle community out for the next one on July 31.

Last night, a friend even had his quad-rotor camera flying around to capture some footage. I should be getting a link to the video soon, and he may come out a few more times to record the other races too. Aerial footage of CU Short Track at Valmont can only look incredible!

The course last night had a little of everything, with a long section through the glades, a little climb, and the fast sweeping descent down the corkscrew. At 1.1 miles long, lap times ran anywhere from 4 minutes to 5 and a half. It seemed like a lot of people had fun with the course, especially coming through the finish area towards the parking lot. Brady Kappius took the hole shot at the start of the men's A's and had a LOOOONG drift through the first turn, spraying dirt and dust at the crowd. Mark Beaudry finished the single speed race with another insane wheelie.

Full Cycle was out there again with their awesome grill-bike. On Bike-to-Work day, they rode that and towed their tent all the way to Valmont. Seeing everyone's enthusiasm out there, showing huge 2-wheeled spirit, makes me happy to be able to put events like these on.

Results for "A bit of Everything" are up here, with updated overall standings here. Oliver Hart is closing the gap on Juniors leader Bjorn Riley, while Thatcher Wine overtook Tony Prete in the Men's C's. Erin Huck took the Women's A's win and overall lead in Ksenia Lepikhina's absence. In the Men's A's, Brady Kappius took the win, extending his overall lead from 1 point over Sam Morrison to 11.

Next week's schedule is back to normal. Being the evening before Independence Day, lets break out the red-white-and-blue kits! See you on July 3!

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LFR said...

I thought the course on 6/26 was pretty much as close to perfect as it gets. Thank you so much for holding the STXC series every year, and I can't say I miss the thorns, dust and rocks at the Research Park very much.