Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Racing this afternoon

The light drizzle this morning is just enough to keep the dust down for later. The trails are looking great, so we'll see you all later! The course this week hits the glades, some optional rock drops, a bit of gravel, plenty of passing opportunity, and though you get a break from the corkscrew this week, you'll have a nice table-top jump on one short descent.

As for the schedule, we'll keep the single speeders racing after the B's today. We're still hoping to get some more feedback from riders today before making any changes. It looks like some options would be Single Speeders going before the Women's A's at 6:40, or Women's A's going after Single Speeders at 6:10, and Men's B's going at 6:40. Be sure to let us know your opinion on the matter at the race tonight!

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