Tuesday, June 12, 2018

CU Summer Short Track Race #2

Here is the course map for tomorrow! Should be starting similar to how we did last week, but running counter-clockwise this time.
The course features a long jaunt through the Glades before climbing up Rivot to the Upper Sand Pit, then down Espresso over the bridge to connect with Dirt 101. It will take the fire road back around the lake to connect with the Glades again.
Kids race goes over the same bridge we started on last week directly over to Dirt 101. It will then follow the same course as the other categories.
Weather should be good for tomorrow, but we will let you know of any changes come race day. See you tomorrow afternoon!

1 comment:

Scott G said...

From the start, does the course make the immediate right on the first lap, or follow the black line and turn left on Dirt 101?