Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Week 4 Track

Here's the track for this week! We will be doing something different by starting in the opposite direction with the staging area on the bridge. We will go through the glades and out on the fire road to Hot Lap. We will go all the way across the map to the entrance to Dirt 101, and then curve up halfway on the bridge to meet up with Gear Down. We will then descend on Espresso and take the paved road back to the glades and the start/ finish line! The Kid's race will be two laps by starting on the regular course and meeting up with Dirt 101. Kids will be going in the opposite direction as the regular racers and then meeting with the paved road to get back to the normal course.

We ask that NO RACERS PRE-RIDE DIRT 101 DURING THE KIDS RACE to make sure there are no head on accidents. We also ask that while races are in session to cross the track VERY CAREFULLY while going to line up in the staging area and make sure no racers are coming. We will have a designated crossing section near the start finish for racers to reach the staging area. We don't want any collisions tomorrow!

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